Adding an embedded image to an HTML message in Microsoft Outlook via VFP

A fellow developer asked me about Visual FoxPro and Outlook and I was stumped.

I want to create a “HTML-Outlook-email” from Visual FoxPro (8.0) and have
no problems so far to creating it. But…
I want to include a picture (like this one of me down there) in the.
“htmlbody” of the mail.

Sure enough, you could just put do some code like:

loOut = CREATEOBJECT(“Outlook.application”)
loSpace = loOut.getnamespace(“MAPI”)
loFolder = loSpace.GetDefaultFolder(4)
loMsg = loFolder.Items.Add()
loMsg.HTMLBody = “My image is [bracket]img src=’http://myimage.gif'[bracket]”

But the problem is that the HTML refers to a web site. If the user was off-line, they would get a missing image icon.

What was really wanted was to have the image EMBEDDED into the email just like users are able to do with Outlook when they choose Insert Picture.

I researched this one – thinking that maybe MHTML and CDO had to be used or maybe even getting a link to the MAPIToMime but in the end, it was, as it should be, fairly easy:

loMsg.Htmlbody=”Here is my image (bracket]img src=’ cid:mylogo.gif ‘[bracket]”

The Image source is pointing to cid which is the internal mail and then the attachment within the mail which is called mylogo.gif.

The attachment will show up as an attachment as well as being part of the email but when the user can look at the email both online and offline and still see the image embedded inside.

Seems the search engines really aren’t as good as they should be. I finally found this link in Sue Mosher’s book in a newsgroup archive.

It’s nice when the solutions are as easy as you want them to be but it sure would be nice if this was a KB article somewhere or much easier to search for.

To add an embedded image to an HTML message in Microsoft Outlook using code

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