A truly interesting Scoble link

Trying to keep down the noise/signal ratio, I try not to link too much to Scoble because either :

a) everyone else already has

b) if it’s a microsoft story, it’s usually redundant because of COURSE he has the story (and although I’m interested- there’s no sense in linking to it)

c) it’s too much about Seattle and the West Coast which is nice but I’m not there so…

d) I’m just not interested

e) he no longer links to me – (KIDDING!)

But his no-GYM posts have been really quite fun. What I really enjoyed though was this blog about the SunShine movie and Gia Milinovich, who is blogging it here.

OK – it’s a SCI-FI movie – so big time geek alert – and so the blog has lots of cool posts about Sci-Fi trivia (et al) but this post about suttirat (a new adjective and name of the costume designer) was so cool. She actually BUILT communicators. From the post:

“The comms units are a cool and geeky bit of kit. Suttirat got her inspiration for them from her Mac laptop, iPods and Army dog tags, which is evident when looking at them- two separate, but virtually identical sections with a ‘breathing’ blue light and rounded corners. They aren’t, however, just bits of plastic on string- they are actual, working communications units. The actors speak to each other through them” an example of true team collaboration (whoever though costume design could be geeky but “Though Suttirat designed them, they were made to work by the sound department.“- is anyone in the cell phone industry listening?

I like the movie making process – it’s so easy for everyone to get wrapped up into “it’s the director and the actors and the writers” but there are so many little things that go on that actually explain why directors and producers take 90 minutes to thank everyone.

And hey! – she even has a podcast or at least an interview with Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy.

Thanks Robert for giving me a link to something that I otherwise would NEVER have found.

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