Just got back from VFP DevCon 2003 in Palm Springs, California – where the lows were 98 degrees and the highs were 110!

Note: Thanks to Ted Roche (www.tedroche.com) who showed me his Blog and inspired me to do the same!

Overall, it was a great conference! Great to see both old faces and new!

Total Attendance: Around 375.

Highlights: A sneak peak at what MS has planned for Europa, the next version of VFP! Announced items include an improved report designer, the removal of many existing SQL limitations, brand new data types (VarChar and VarBinary) and Index types and lots of other goodies to improve the extensibility of VFP!

See the wiki or Ted’s Blog for more details or you can wait until I post them here!

And… there will be a DevCon next year, although they couldn’t give us a time or place!