300 reasons to go to Southwest

Now there’s another reason to look forward to Arizona in October. The first, of course, is Southwest Fox, the second outing for Bob Kocher in the FoxPro conference circuit. The first one was loved by all of its attendees.

Now Rick Schummer is offering a Southwest “Scholarship” fund. He has the details how you qualify right

Even more to the point, he’ll help you get there:
Your boss is giving you a hard time? Let me know. I am willing to talk or email each and every one of them to help you get the okay to head to any FoxPro conference. I am totally serious. I have fought numerous times with my old bosses to get myself to a conference as well as teammates. I have a way of getting them to see the light!

I’d love to be there – unfortunately family obligations keep me locked away in Ottawa – but if you are going, drop me a line – the FoxShow did it with first-time attendee Kevin Ragsdale last year and I’d love to get another first-time (or second) attendee’s thoughts on the show after you’re back.

You definitely want to check this one out!