Foxfire! is the ideal BI solution for you and your customers

Someone you know needs a new report, spreadsheet, or other result from a database – now. Foxfire! can deliver it. Foxfire! is a BI tool that offers a managed design experience to end users of all levels. Once a developer teaches it the technical details of a database, users at any skill level can build complex reports with just a few clicks. So find your role below and discover how much Foxfire! can increase your productivity.

Everyday Business Person

Everyday Business Person

Create your own Business Intelligence reports – in minutes.

Software Developer

Free your clients to create their own BI. It’s the next best thing to cloning yourself.

Vertical Solution Provider

Satisfy  customers and close more sales with user-created BI. Let’s join forces to do both.

Mobile App Developer

Deliver people-friendly BI to connected customers everywhere on windows, web, tablets or smartphones.

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